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Cost Saving Special Plus Slalom Course Kits From EZ-SLALOM

At EZ-SLALOM we don’t just stop at offering you the best prices on the best built portable slalom courses available. We also offer other options, other means of even further reducing the potential cost of getting yourself into your own portable slalom course. Options we refer to as our Affordable Alternatives!

Special Plus Course Kits

Only from EZ-Slalom! We offer a choice of TWO different portable course kits. Beginning at only $369* you can purchase our Special Plus-Standard course kit. This kit includes our unique one-piece EZ-Slalom mainline on an attractive, compact rope reel, a full set of ready-to-attach buoy lines, detailed and photo illustrated arm construction plans, and everything else you’ll need (except for the buoy arm pipe itself) to build your own STANDARD EZ-Slalom designed telescoping buoy arms and end gates. The ONLY thing you’ll have to run down is the pipe itself for the buoy arms and we give you the complete and detailed information on where to look for it and what it should cost.

EZ-Slalom Course on Dock

If you would prefer our Compact buoy arm design (our most popular course design) it is also now available in kit form. The Special Plus-Compact course kit is priced from $379* shipping included. You get everything you'll need to complete your Compact portable course except for the arm pipe. Add a small amount of easy labor to build the buoy arms and save a large amount of easy $$$!

* See our Price List page for complete pricing details.

We also include with both of our portable course kits our recommendations and detailed purchasing information for the best and lowest cost buoys and anchors available for use with a portable course. You can save time by purchasing them from us at very competitive prices (see our PRICE LIST PAGE for more information) or we'll tell you where to get them and save a bit more. Complete setup and take down instructions, a detailed trouble shooting guide, instructions for converting your course to include an optional novice course for beginners, and lots more information are included!

Both of our EZ-Slalom Special Plus course kits include:
- Ready-to-use, one-piece EZ-Slalom mainline on an attractive, compact wind up reel.

- A full set of shock-corded buoy lines.

- A full set of spring clips (necessary to built telescoping, interlocking buoy arm sections).

- All fittings and parts necessary to complete the buoy arms using your PVC pipe.

- Complete photo and diagram illustrated buoy arm construction instructions to make building your own buoy arms using our parts and instructions and your PVC pipe a very easy and simple task.

- Complete materials needed and tools needed lists.

- Information on where to find your buoy arm pipe and what to expect to pay for it.

- Complete course setup and take-down instructions, a course troubleshooting guide, and lots more information.

You can also option your course kit just as you would one of our complete, ready-to-go courses. Pre-gates, novice course options, buoys & anchors, anything you could add to a complete course can be added to one of our Special Plus course kits. See our Portable Course Options page for complete information.

No other slalom course company even offers you any cost saving options for getting into your own portable slalom course. And NO ONE has ever made it easier for you to save both time and money on a portable slalom course. Only EZ-SLALOM puts our customers ahead of our profit margin by offering you several different cost saving, AFFORDABLE alternatives!

Best Built! Best Engineered! Best Value! That's why EZ-SLALOM is The Standard in Portable Water Sports Courses!

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