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Official Slalom Course of the 2008 Junior US Open,
the 2011 and 2013 World Disabled Water Ski Championships, and the INT League!

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We're EZ- Slalom Course Systems the manufacturers of EZ-SLALOM, the Modern Standard for both the permanent and the portable slalom course! In business since 1998 and with over 24 years of slalom course construction and design experience to draw from, discriminating water skiers the world over continue to agree that EZ-SLALOM has set the benchmark for modern slalom course engineering and design. Highest quality materials, the most advanced structural engineering, and the most user-friendly designs are only a few of the things that set us apart from our competition. With EZ-SLALOM products now in use across the globe in at least 46 countries and on six continents, and with more skiers than ever before now comparing the superior Design, Engineering, Quality, and Value of our products to the others, it's no small wonder that EZ-SLALOM has become the slalom course of preference the world over. From novice course skiers to veteran short-liners to Pro Tour competitors, skiers who take their slalom course skiing seriously now more than ever choose EZ-SLALOM

Across the globe and throughout the water skiing world EZ-SLALOM IS
The Standard to Which All Others Are Compared! 

Superior Engineering & Design

We waterskiers have high expectations of the water sports equipment we purchase. We expect it to be of highest quality. We expect it to be very well engineered. We expect flawless performance. And we expect it to be worth what we pay for it. We expect that of our boats and we expect it of the water skis we ride. At EZ-SLALOM we believe that you should also expect it of the slalom course on which you'll use that boat and ski. 

From the very beginning our entire focus as a company has been to build the absolute best permanent or portable slalom course you can purchase period. A course that incorporates the same high level of design and engineering you expect of your boat or ski and that functions at the same high level you expect of all of your water sports equipment. From day one we've focused on, invested ourselves in, and dedicated ourselves to that one single goal.

At the same time we've also concentrated on keeping our pricing to the end user as low as we possibly can. We do everything within our power to minimize overhead. We purchase materials in large quantities to minimize cost, we're constantly working our suppliers for better deals on raw materials, we recycle anything that can be recycled etc in our never ending quest to provide both the highest quality and best bang-for-the-buck value to be found in water sports equipment. In example you can purchase any of our top-of-the-line permanent or portable slalom course packages for way less money than you'll pay for most of the high end slalom skis on the market today. Think about that for a minute.


How successful have we been in achieving the admittedly high goals we've set for ourselves? One important indicator is the fact that of all of the slalom course builders available, either commercial or private, it was EZ-Slalom who was selected to provide the slalom and jump courses for the 2008 Junior US Open (an IWSF sanctioned record tournament featuring the top fifteen under 21 skiers and jumpers in the world), held near Cincinnati, Ohio on June 21 - 22, 2008. According to the tournaments organizer EZ-Slalom was selected because of "...the quality of your products, the accuracy of your courses, your excellent engineering, and your reputation for excellent customer service". EZ-Slalom is the only commercial slalom course builder to ever be selected to build courses for a record capable tournament. High praise indeed and a testament to the seriousness of our engineering, quality, design, and customer service.

In 2011 and again in 2013 we were chosen to provide the slalom course for another IWSF sanctioned record tournament, the World Disabled Waterski Championships. That makes three times that the folks charged with putting on high level tournaments have turned to us to solve their need for an accurate yet easy-to-install slalom course for an important record capable water ski event.

We're proud to also note that we have been chosen to provide practice courses to some of the top names in pro water skiing, folks we're pretty sure you've heard of. We've listed some of those names farther down the page so we won't list them again here, but you'll see them below as you read on. Our point - if we're good enough that the pro's choose our products for their usage, don't you think we're worth serious consideration for your skiing practice use as well?

Every individual feature of an EZ-SLALOM slalom course has been laboriously researched and optimized to make certain that it the best it can possibly be. From little things like the hook that attaches to the buoy to major considerations such as the design and engineering of the mainline itself, our ultimate goal is to engineer out the things that cause problems or failures and to engineer in accuracy, durability, easy usability, functionality, and value. Our selection to build courses for important international record capable tournaments as well as 18+ years of positive feedback from our customers indicates that we've been extremely successful in achieving those goals.


The Best Engineered Portables Available

EZ-Slalom Course on Dock

We've done exactly that with our portable slalom courses. Features such as easy portability, designed-in durability, innovative compactness, and easy tool-free setup/take down are only the beginning. No one else offers a portable slalom course as user friendly, as well thought out, and as well built as an EZ-SLALOM. No one! Even if you don't appreciate our dedication to using the best available materials and superior engineering right away, years down the road when your EZ-SLALOM course is still trouble free and still going strong you certainly will. We GUARANTEE it! 

Highlights of our portable course systems include:
-Continuous, one-piece mainline construction. While others build their rope mainlines in structurally weaker, multiple, crimped together sections, EZ-Slalom exclusively builds the engineer-preferred one-piece mainline design. From anchor to anchor the EZ-Slalom mainline is built using one continuous length of rope (as opposed to a bunch of crimped together sections) for superior structural strength and durability.

-Only the highest quality materials. For example, we use the best polypropylene rope available for our portable course mainlines.  We actually have the rope we use custom made to our specifications (at significant additional expense) rather than just use the cheapest rope we can find (as others do).  Because we firmly believe that the quality of the rope used for the mainline is of paramount importance. Example - in 15+ years in commercial business we have never replaced a single rope mainline due to failure of materials or workmanship. Not a single one! Our competition can't say that; ask them. We use larger, stronger crimps than anyone else uses (where crimps are used) and a unique NO crimp design used at the arm attachment loop where using crimps are most likely to cause rope damage and eventual mainline failure. Because these features determine in large part how much service life you can expect to get from your rope mainline without premature failure issues.  These are only a few of the features of our superior engineering, use of the highest quality materials and outside-the-box design.

-The most compact portable course buoy arm design available; much more compact, tougher, and more functional than anything else out there. Our unique 7-section telescoping COMPACT arm design sets new standards for compactness, functionality, and well thought out design. No one builds a better, easier-to-use portable slalom course than EZ-Slalom! 

For complete and detailed information on the features of our portable slalom courses as well as a feature-by-feature comparison of EZ-Slalom to our competitors offerings please CLICK HERE to visit our EZ-SLALOM portable course comparison page.

Same Goes for Our Permanent Courses 

We've also done the same detailed R & D for our permanent slalom courses. Our stainless steel EZ-Slalom cable mainlines and pre-gates, HeavyDuty buoy arm designs, and HeavyDuty buoy lines follow in the same tradition established by our portable courses for high quality, superior engineering, and unbeatable value. Feature by feature we've thoroughly scrutinized AND optimized each individual design factor. EZ-Slalom uses only the best available materials, the best engineering, and superior design features to make certain that the course you purchase from us serves you well for many years without problem. The only thing WE compromise on is the price! 

Highlights of our cable course systems include:
-High quality, coated stainless steel cable - Tough yet flexible with a rated 920 LB break strength (minimum tested break strength 1050 lbs)

-Superior engineering & design - Our unique mainline designs are engineered to reduce stress on the most wear-prone points on the mainline, improving service life. See our Cable Mainline page for more information

-Marine rated materials - Absolutely no aluminum crimps used here! Built using only heavy duty materials specifically designed for long life in a marine environment

-HeavyDuty Buoy Lines - Made with tough 3/8" surgical grade latex tubing rather than light weight shock cord. Corrosion-proof buoy attachment hooks complete the package. These babies are built to last! 

Compare the design, engineering, quality, and value of the EZ-SLALOM HeavyDuty to our competitions offerings and prices and you'll see that EZ-SLALOM does indeed offer the markets best value on a stainless steel cable based permanent slalom course system! 
* See our Price List page for complete pricing details.

Superior Value

EZ-SLALOM offers you the highest content, best built, best engineered portable slalom courses on the market. Priced starting at only $879* including shipping charges (basic EZ-Slalom Compact portable) it is the absolute best value in watersports equipment available! Compare the price of one good slalom ski to the price of an entire EZ-SLALOM course and we think you'll see what we mean. Compare the price of EZ-Slalom's better engineered, higher content products to the other brands and you'll KNOW what we mean! 

No One Else Offers Savings Like This 

We also go beyond the competition by offering other means of further reducing the cost of getting yourself into your own portable or permanent slalom course. Cost saving options that no other slalom course manufacturer will even consider offering you! 

Beginning at only $519* you can purchase our EZ-Slalom Compact Portable Course Kit containing all of the major course components (mainline, buoy lines, assorted hardware and fittings etc). Add your own arm tubing and a small amount of easy labor, construct the buoy arms yourself using our detailed, illustrated instructions and the parts in the kit, and save major $$$! We also tell you where to find the arm pipe and what to expect to pay for it! CLICK HERE for more information on our the EZ-Slalom Compact Course Kit. 

If you're looking for a steel cable mainline-based permanent course but want to save costs choose the EZ-Slalom HeavyDuty Permanent Course Kit priced beginning at only $939*! Click on the HeavyDuty Course Kits link here or at the top of the page to view detailed, cost saving information on all of our portable and permanent course kits. 

* See our Price List page for complete pricing details. 

Manufacturer Direct Savings To You

At EZ-SLALOM we don't wholesale our products to third party retailers; we only sell our products "factory direct" to the end user. We do that so that the end user (you) can get the best and lowest possible prices on our products without unnecessary additional markups being tacked on. 

As stated above, we use the best available materials to construct our slalom courses regardless of what those materials cost. We use the best engineering and the best construction methods regardless of the additional time and labor required. We simply invest more into our products. Yet to remain cost competitive we bust our butts to hold our prices as low as we possibly can; selling our products"factory direct" is one important way we do that. Putting more content into the product without hiking up the price to match means that we make less but that you get a much greater value! We prefer to stay small and offer you a great price on a great product rather than cut corners to be the largest volume slalom course company around. More content with a very competitive price is just how we do business at EZ-Slalom

Take the Comparison Test

We urge you to take the time to compare the superior design features, superior engineering, and superior value of EZ-SLALOM to our competitor's offerings before you make a final purchase decision. We're confident that if you'll do a thorough feature-by-feature comparison you will agree that EZ-SLALOM IS the best slalom course, the best value, AND the best choice!

WE WANT YOU TO COMPARE!!! Don't be misled into believing that our competitor's fancy advertising means they build a better product. Before you make a slalom course purchase you owe it to yourself to take a hard look at the design and construction differences between EZ-Slalom and our competition. We put much more content and value into our courses (rather than into our advertising) yet we sell them at extremely competitive prices! We tell you in detail exactly how we build them (just look through our web site) so you'll know in advance exactly what you're getting when you purchase an EZ-Slalom course.  And we're the only course manufacturer in the market doing that.  All we ask is that you do the homework and thoroughly compare before you buy.  

For a detailed, item-by-item comparison between EZ-SLALOM and the others please review our COMPARISON page.  

Our Customers Say It Best 

It's a fact! Every year more pros, clubs, and families do the homework and comparisons and then choose EZ-Slalom. Here is a partial list of our more recognizable customers who have first hand knowledge of our products -  

Karen Truelove - top Women's Pro Tour skier - EZ-Slalom HeavyDuty Permanent Course (used for practice at her home lake in Florida). Karen sent this note after installing and using her course. We quote - "The EZ slalom course is nothing short of amazing! In years past we spent days prepping and placing an anchored course, but with EZ course it was ready to go in only a few hours. I can't imagine going back to the anchored course after experiencing the ease and convenience of this one. And most importantly, it skis great!!" - - Karen Truelove

Freddy Kruger - top Pro Tour ski jumper (and a pretty darn good slalom skier to boot) - EZ-Slalom HeavyDuty Permanent Course. A quote Freddy sent us - "With very little experience dealing with a floating course I had a lot of reservations on how well it would work. With the installation being as easy as the directions stated and then watching the course pull right into line and as straight as any course I've seen I was very excited to see it come together. Our North course is short so we put in a 4 buoy with pre-gates, but it is comforting to know that if we want to expand it to 6 buoys the parts are all interchangeable. Karen and I have 4 slalom courses and 5 jump courses between our two training sites and I have never seen one as easy to install and still ski like a record tolerance course like the EZ-Slalom."

The Wilson Bros. (Brooks and KC) - EZ-Slalom Compact Portable Course (being used in promotional videos for Radar Skis as well as for fun and practice at different and unique ski sites)

Rhoni Barton-Bischoff, pro tour slalom and 3-event champion - EZ-Slalom HeavyDuty Permanent Course (used for practice at her home lake in Florida)

Scot Ellis, former pro tour jump champion - EZ-Slalom Custom Ski Fly Course and HeavyDuty Permanent Slalom Course

Chris Sullivan, former pro skier and Radar Skis brand manager - EZ-Slalom Compact Portable Course (he has two of them)

Marina Mosti, women's pro skier and international champion - EZ-Slalom HeavyDuty Permanent Course

Matt Rini, top waterski instructor and ski designer - EZ-Slalom HeavyDuty Permanent Course (in use at his ski school in Orlando,Florida)

Kansas State University Ski Team (2nd place finishers in the 2004 Collegiate Nationals - Division 2) - EZ-Slalom Compact Portable Course and HeavyDuty Permanent Course

Penn State University Ski Team - EZ-Slalom HeavyDuty Permanent Course

Water Sports Federation Of Ecuador - EZ-Slalom HeavyDuty Permanent Course

Water Sports Federation Of Turkey - EZ-Slalom HeavyDuty Permanent Course. They have two, used for training purposes and tournaments in Turkey

Minnesota Barefooters Association (one of the largest and most active barefooter tournament sponsors on the planet) - Custom EZ-Slalom Barefoot Jump Course

Your Local INT League - every INT League state coordinator uses an EZ-SLALOM Portable Slalom Course for at least some of their tournaments each year. If you've been in an INT tournament you've probably already skied on an EZ-Slalom course!

Ask your local INT League coordinator about EZ-SLALOM portable courses!

We can go on but we believe that the point has been made. Discriminating skiers want a serious, accurate, well designed and well engineered slalom course. Now more than ever those skiers choose EZ-SLALOM

Thank You
for taking the time to review our information. If you have a question about something not covered here and would like to request a brochure, additional information, or would like to discuss any issue with us person-to-person please contact us by e-mail to info@ez-slalom.com or call us toll free at 800-216-4461 (or +01 913-294-2148 outside the US). We enjoy answering your questions and we'd love to hear from you!

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