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Custom Course Design & Customization

Our Superior Engineering, Design, and Value carries over to the other portable water sports courses we've designed, built, or customized for numerous of our customers. Some examples:
-We designed and built the course Pro Tour ski jump/ski flying champion Scot Ellis used for the world's first ever sanctioned amateur Ski Flying tournament!

-For the Minnesota Barefooters Assn., one of the largest, most active barefoot clubs in the world, we designed and built the very first portable Barefoot Jump course, used in tournaments that regularly feature World and Nationally Ranked barefoot jumpers.

-For the Red Bull Energy Drink company we designed and built a custom PWC race course used for their promotional events on the East Coast in 2002.

- For customers using short lakes we've built 8-ball courses (basically a double, overlapping slalom course designed to extend skier setup length on short lakes) built to their specific specifications.

- We've also built 4-ball courses and 6-to-4 convertible courses for our customers.

- For members of the IMPBA we've designed and built portable courses used in model power boat racing tournaments.

- We designed and built a timing mainline used by a mid-west boat dealer to quickly and easily calibrate the speed control systems in their brand new Malibu ski boats.

- We regularly build custom mainlines and course kits for customers both inside and outside North America, designed to their specific specifications.

When we say Superior Design we mean it! If National and World ranked skiers (such as top pro instructor Matt Rini, who owns and uses an EZ-Slalom HeavyDuty Permanent Course for practice and teaching at his home lake) think enough of our design abilities to seek us out to do their custom design or to build courses for them, that should tell you something about the standard design features we build into our courses! We can custom design and build a course to your specifications too, no matter what the application or requirements, and do so at our usual reasonable pricing.

Call us at 1-800-216-4461 for more information and price quotations.

Best Built! Best Engineered! Best Value! That's why EZ-SLALOM is The Standard in Portable Water Sports Courses!

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