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Expand the Function of Your EZ-Slalom HeavyDuty Course with
the Following Available Options

NOVICE COURSE OPTION - Add a Novice Course for beginners to your EZ-Slalom HeavyDuty permanent course! This option adds a second group of buoys located 13 feet inside of the existing turn buoys. You don't have to shorten the buoy arm or other wise change the position of the normal turn buoy - you simply add to your existing course. What a great way to get your kids, your spouse, or any beginner interested in skiing the course! Dimensioned to INT League - Novice Class specifications. Does not affect the regular course in any way, simply adds to it! Also available - AWSA Kneeboard Slalom course option and/or Disabled Skiers Course option. Any of these options can be added to your course, buoys included, at a price of only $50 per option type.

55 METER PRE-GATES - Designed to fit and work with your EZ-Slalom mainline. Can also be customized to work with any other makers mainline at no additional cost. Two complete, water ready pre-gate sections (one for each end of the course). Stainless steel connectors included. U.S. shipping included. For our portable courses add $299 for a set of pre-gates (gate arms included). For stainless steel cable mainlines add pre-gates for $319 (parts for the pre-gate arms included in kit form).
See our Price List Page for complete details.

CUSTOM EIGHT-BALL COURSES - Basically two overlapping 6-buoy courses staggered to allow you to squeeze a full 6-ball course into shorter length sites while allowing maximum setup space at both ends. Call us to discuss different options, pricing etc.

HeavyDuty Slalom Course Kit - If you're interested in trading off a little easy labor for some big cost savings, our EZ-Slalom HeavyDuty Course Kit is the ticket! We're the ONLY course builder even offering this cost saving option. Each kit includes a ready-to-use stainless steel cable mainline, HeavyDuty buoy lines, all necessary parts and fittings, and complete illustrated instructions for building your own buoy arms from PVC pipe you'll purchase and the parts and instructions included with the kit. Prices start at $939 for a permanent-arm design course kit. See our Price List Page for complete details and information.

Buoys, Anchors, Buoy Bags, & Anchor Shackles - Available together as a group to create a Turnkey course system or each item can be added separately to any of our courses or course kits. See our Price List Page for complete details and information.

See our Price List Page or Order Information Page for additional information.

Best Built! Best Engineered! Best Value! That's why EZ-SLALOM is The Standard in Portable Water Sports Courses!

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